This year we will focus on the 3 R’s – rebirth, reorganization and reenergizing as we launch a new marketing and public relations strategy for Slater. We have added “community” to our name which will allow the community to better understand who we are. We are a community center which services the community. Our motto is “We Reach and We Serve,” providing outreach and direct services to the community.

Our logo the tree and its roots symbolizes our mission – The tree not only represents growth but both its leaves and roots serve—the roots reach down to serve nourishment to the reach of the tree’s body. The leaves reach out in growth to serve as shelter and sometimes food/nourishment.

For the past 32 years our primary target group has been youth and children. This year, we are expanding our reach to serve more young adults and adults, including the formerly incarcerated, the unemployed and underemployed. Last year, we started the Man to Man Program (which is still under development). This year, we will launch the program with a Men’s conference.

Our Dance and Fitness program which begun as a way to get older adults to exercise and have fun through dance will now have an intergenerational component. Participants will, in addition to dancing with youth, provide additional services to youth programs housed at Slater. We will also add more programs for seniors.

Additionally, we will reach out to the business community to have them avail themselves of the Center’s facilities for meetings and events.

Thanks to the energized and motivated Board of Directors led by a driven chairman Wiley Harrison, and the caring and dedicated staffthe Slater is on its way to creating its niche.

Heather Miller, Executive Director

One thought on “About”

  1. I would like to know if you allow WP to use the Slater Center for special events and fundraising? Thank you for getting back to me. Sincerely, Janis R. Johnson, White Plains resident.


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The Thomas H. Slater Center